Dear colleagues,

Our team created and is managing NGO Cultural Business Education Hub in Ukraine, and since 2009 providing high-level services for creative business communities.
We hope for a good partnership.

Demyan Om Dyakov
Cultural Business Education Hub Chairman.

Editor's comment:
In this text version, the emphasis is placed in such a way as to explore the role of Demyan Om Dyakov in Cultural Hub projects.
In the near future, we plan to release a second, full version of the project portfolio, indicating all the roles of all participants.


1. Project Management Course at the Universal Open University.

A fundamental professional development program for project managers in the cultural and creative industries, including IT companies.

2015-2018, 2020, 11 issues.

Fifteen experts developed it from I Cultural Business Education Hub, SoftServe, EPAM Systems, I Business Incubator, Zazmic, Noosphere Nest, DIGITALOUTLOOKS.

Includes PMI/PMP certification and internships for graduates.

21 lectures/21 webinars for remote participants, four workshops, eight mentoring sessions, and a qualification defence/exam.

Fifty-five hours + 24 hours of workshops.

Demyan Om – methodist, co-author, and mentor of the course.

All mentors and Tutors:

2. UX Design Essential Course at the Universal Open University, School of Design.

The program developed by three co-authors: Dmitry Sizonenko, Bogdan Prishedko, and Demyan Om.

72 hours. 16 lectures. 3 workshop. 4 mentoring sessions. Professional protection of the project.

Demyan Om – methodist, co-author, and mentor of the course.

All mentors and Tutors:

3. People Management Pro Course at the Universal Open University.

Fourteen lectures. 2 workshops. 4 mentoring sessions. Professional protection of the project.

Demyan Om – methodist, co-author, and mentor of the course.

All mentors and Tutors:

4. Project Management Course for Directors of secondary schools in the reform program "New Ukrainian school".

Part 1: organized a 12-hour hackathon for Directors with the participation of representatives of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

One hundred principals from 100 schools in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Five mentors. One facilitator. Jury.

Part 2 [waiting in the wings]: 35 hours of theory and 24 hours of project management practice for Directors.

Demyan Om – methodist, author, and mentor of the course, organizer, and jury member of the hackathon.

5. Junior Open University. Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program for juniors.

In the program: 2 courses with 10 lectures and 4 workshops, 1 graduation/defence of qualifications, 12 graduates.

2 mentors, 5 tutors, 5 invited speakers.

Demyan Om – methodist, author, and mentor of the program.


6. The project of podcasts and ironic longreads "Philosophical Garden. Cultural code. Theses." Part one: business people. Part two: people of art.

The unique project "Philosophical garden" created by the I Cultural Business Hub and GOGOLFEST teams.

On September 23, 2019, the educational campaign "Philosophical garden" was launched, within which 21 broadcasts with people of art and people of business have already been recorded. The project was initiated by the I Cultural Business Hub team together with GOGOLFEST to DniPRO GogolFest, which was held for the first time in the city of Dnipro.

The Philosophy Garden podcasts are open conversations with musicians, philosophers, directors, artists, founders of companies in the creative industries and public organizations sector, literary critics, actors, curators, and Directors. We learn from them what motivates them to influence the creative economy, what distinguishes an artist from a business person, or what unites them.

7. Created and recorded the author's course "Ethics of relationships" by Eva Bragger, psychologist [Ukraine]

8. Produced and recorded the author's course "Prolegomena to philosophical thinking" with the philosopher Oles Manyuk [Ukraine-China]

9. Created and recorded the author's course with literary critic Galina Pulina [Ukraine]

one of the last lectures:

10. Created and recorded the author's course "Burnout: Prevention and Treatment" with project Manager and businesswoman Anastasia Belous [Switzerland]

11. A series of video interviews and podcasts The Hard Thing About Hard Things with company owners and curators from the creative and IT sectors has been prepared for publication.

2020-2022. We are working on a special acceleration program for Creative & Cultural Industries.

We are creating an ecosystem for UA and WE partnerships, where R&D centres are in Ukraine, and the marketing centre is in WE.

Acceleration of small and medium-sized businesses during 6-9 months.

Lectorium, prototyping, mentoring, tracking, demo days, crash testing.

Online + Dnipro (IHub) and Kiev (fablab Kiev).

The emphasis on the transformation from business model to sustainability business model, including the assessment of social impact and ecology impact.

At the entrance: locally operating businesses.

Output: businesses are operating in international partnerships.


WTECH, the club of women entrepreneurs [Ukraine].

WTECH community cofounders Viktoriya Tigipko, founder and managing partner of the TA Ventures venture Fund and Veroslava Novosilnaya, CEO and founder of the SLOVA Tech PR Agency. Аnd leader of the WTECH Dnipro Kristina Karmazina.

A special guest was Jaanika Merilo, political and public activist, a specialist in angel investments and information society, an adviser to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, adviser to the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Estonian Parliament and expert of the e-government Agency of Ukraine.

IHub is the official partner and sponsor of the Opening in Dnipro.


16. Demyan was Jury Member and Mentor in the accelerators and hackathons 1991, Garage48, Polish state Foundation, Ukrsibbank, Startup Crash Test, Startup Grind Dnipro, Seedstars World Competition, Art Hackathon, WIX 1.0 and 2.0, European Business Association Unlimit Ukraine.

17. Author, team leader, and facilitator of the Universal Open University lectures hall.

41 short one-hour courses [ ]

Among the topics: Family budget and investments for Ukrainians | Lubomir Ostapiv "Introduction to marketing" | Anton Maly "Why do young people need philosophy?» | Pavel Minka "Features of international communication. More than English" | Esther Shlain Entrepreneurship of tomorrow | Artem Kornetsky Perfectionism | Maria Zhigan Professional crisis – what it looks like and what to do with it | Ulyana Khodorivska

and others.

18. LIVE! Intensive Course on Product Management and Business Development from a group of owners and top managers of technology companies in the USA.

5 speakers, 5 topics, 5 days, 305 people attended the course, 41 received a certificate. [ ]

Speakers: Sergey Sundukovsky, Zhenya Rozinsky, Denis Turpitka, Vlad Kamen.

Facilitator and co-author: Demyan Om.

At the end of the training, a certificate is issued, the best graduates are given special conditions for entering business courses and recommendations for internships in technology companies.

19. Mentor of startups and member of the Advisory Board I Business Incubator []


General partner of the UN programmes in Ukraine, UNICEF, USAID programs in Dnipro (see the customer base and events in FB)


EUROMAP Of Ukraine. Where in the ranking of the European integration of the Dnipro? The event presents a summary of a more extensive CNE study, which highlights the achievements and weaknesses of the Dnipropetrovsk region in the field of European integration.

The summary is a short version of A large unique CNE study "Euromap of Ukraine: the rating of European integration of regions", prepared by the centre's analysts in cooperation with the Government office for coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

21. TEDx License Holder – the TEDx standard license by TED Foundation, + license for the special TEDxCity2.0 conference, including live broadcast and facilitation of international speakers and speakers in Dnipro, as well as participants. English language-event.

22. PechaKucha Nights License Holder

An international community of architects and designers. Selection and training of speakers for the short format, 13 conferences with 12 speakers in the period from 2012 to 2019.

Topics: architecture, design, urbanism, education, creative economy, digital design, future professions, IT, and others.

23. Demyan Om — organizer of Ukrainian-German round table on social entrepreneurship

with two great speakers:


Refugee Innovation Challenge (SEEN and leetHub e.V.)

• Realized a 12-week incubation program

• Coached 14 participants throughout 12 weeks in their team processes.

Humboldt Universität Berlin, Teaching Social Entrepreneurship


Economist, scientist, business consultant, tutor and mentor of the Ukrainian Open University

SEEN (Social Entrepreneurship Education Network) (

25. Speaker at iForum EdTech of the Future / Innovations with the topic "Marketing of educational business".

1. Mentoring or Self-education.

2. Inbound Marketing vs Classical Marketing.

3. Education for three generations ahead.

4. From "Studies without teachers" to "Business without posts and hierarchies."

27. EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC. Sponsor and initiator of the experimental jazz, folk and electronic music laboratory, five weeks, 2019. Working with professional composers and DJs.

28. MUSIC. Sponsor and initiator of Jazz Jam Sessions #1- #72 in Dnipro. 1,5 years, weekly, 15-20 musicians and composers every week.

29. INTELLECTUAL SPORT. Sponsor, initiator and participant of the City Chess Championship among IT companies. 5 Championships, international class judge, official rating, cash prizes — for teams and individual.


U Move project. Two years of investment in the community of yoga teachers. Andrey Skopin, Alexander Zelensky, Oksana Gorobets, Anastasia Guzar, Galina Popova, Yevgeny Tytar, Alexander Arjuna, Svetlana Basko, Alexander Lebedev, Lyudmila Manoilo and five others. About 200 practitioners.

We have prepared the Olympic Junior swimming team.

We conducted several courses on anatomy and physiology for yogis, a course for captains and navigators of yachting, and acted as the General Partner of the lecture series within the Interpipe marathon.


Forum "Intelligence and sport".

Trends of the Madrid sports forum.

The influence of sports on intelligence and psychological health.

" Equipment" of an athlete for sporting achievements.

Eliud Kipchoge's formula for success. The power of top players of football club Barcelona.

Movement and the brain. Neuroplasticity. Neurotransmitters. Neural connections.

32. SCIENCE. 2018-2020

General partners and co-organizers in Dnipro 15*4 Community of Young Scientists and Science Fans.

Eight conferences + 1 special lecture with Asya Kazantseva.

33. INCLUSIVE COURSES. 2019-2020

General partners and co-organizers of the entry-level sign language courses "Sound of Silence" in Dnipro.

"Every Saturday you will have a combined lesson in theory, practice, songs and games. Everyone can participate!"

The sound of silence is one of the first sign language schools in Ukraine. More than 90 events and meetings of about 800 people.

34. JOURNALISM. 2020

Lviv Media Forum in Dnipro.

Professional discussion "Regional media market of Ukraine: problems, challenges, opportunities" in I Cultural Business Hub.

The discussion was conducted by Valery Kalnysh (journalist, media expert, editor-in-chief of radio NV) and Igor Balinsky (media expert, media trainer; founder Of the UCU school of journalism).

Intensive "how to work effectively with the media".

Alexandra Marchenko is a former BBC Ukraine journalist. Worked as a correspondent for Deutsche Welle Ukraine (Germany). She was engaged in communications in the international organization Save the Children.

- How does a journalist choose topics

- Stages of creating material for media

- How to write a press release that the media will respond to

- How to choose media for your project

- How to prepare for going to the press

- How to work with the media on the site

- How to make the media search for you in social networks

- What interests the media that doesn't work with advertising?

Hromadske Q & A - Everything you wanted to know but was afraid to ask

Executive Director of Public television Katya Gorchinskaya will talk about the work and life of Public television.

35. MOVIES. 2018-2020

The cultural Business Hub, together with Kinolife Distribution, organized a preview of the winners and nominees for the world's most prestigious film award Oskar Short Animation.

The program includes animated films about love and family values, hope and disappointment, about the ability to forgive and let go: "Animal Behavior", "Bao", "Late at night", "One small step", "Outgoing", "Tsvirin-Chirik" and "wish Box".

Countries: Canada, Ireland, USA, China, Russia-Switzerland

Age category: 16+

Timing: 1: 00 15 minutes 12 seconds

Language: dubbed in the Ukrainian language

General radio partner: Power FM

Media partners:, WILL,, "I Want" Portal, Woman Magazine,, site of Kyiv,, Starway Magazine,,

Public screening of the film "concrete and unclear" by Lera Malchenko and Alexander Hants

In the centre of city Dnipro, Ukraine, during the 50 years exist abandoned hotel 'PARUS' (SAIL). It had to become the symbol of the grandiosity of Dnipropetrovsk as the homeland of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. But it has never been opened — the construction stopped on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

PARUS is the artefact of city folklore, one of the traditional objects of souvenir production and a part of city identity — font and logo of the city refers to PARUS too. From 2000 the PARUS has been depicting like a finished building on calendars, in memes, in art-projects and visualizations. For a lot of people in Dnipro its already the symbol of the city, although it was unfinished.

Concrete and unclear researched plenty of PARUS's interpretations in different analogue and digital mediums and tried to capture the condition of this collective dreaming.

Supported by Программа Культурная столица

General event partner — I Cultural Business Hub — cultural, business and education centre in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Dnipro Animal Ads Day '18. Showing social ads about animals

Animal Ads Day-displays social ads about animals. Animal welfare videos call for human relationships with animals: it is not recommended to exploit them in the entertainment industry, not to kill them for food or fur, or to adopt them from shelters. Other videos will tell you about animal species that can completely disappear.

The West was held by the animal protection initiative, the Molodiya Festival social advertising festival, and the social development Club.

New British CINEMA Festival in Dnipro

As part of the all-Ukrainian festival from Arthouse Traffic

The main program of 4 films, as well as the BAFTA: Short — a special project within the framework of the festival "New British cinema". A collection of short movies that were nominated for a BAFTA award in 2017.

Cinema Against Corruption Festival

International film festival "Cinema against corruption" in the framework of the project" Arthouse Club" from Arthouse Traffic!


Lyceum: Generation of gadgets. The challenge and power of culture and ethics.

Lecture: Fears. Real practical tools to help yourself and your children.

T-game Stream with Katya Trushkova. Life in 3C format: happiness, freedom, independence.

Lecturer: Fear of change. Five steps to a dream. Katya Trushkova.

Lecture-workshop for juniors How to learn | Self Management with Alexey Goromov and Demyan Om.

37. FOUNDATIONS. Creative Europe 2020

The National Bureau of the EU Creative Europe program in Ukraine, in partnership with the U Open University and I Cultural Business Hub, organized a thematic online meetup on April 24, 2020, dedicated to the theme of combining culture and the latest technologies. Why can we learn from each other, how to make our projects immersive and unique together, and, of course, how to apply for the competition "Combining culture and audiovisual content through digital technologies" to get from 300,000 euros to implement your idea?


I Cultural Business Hub organized a meeting "Community synergy: ideas, leadership, actions" with representatives of the Aspen Institute Kyiv and Impact Hub Odesa teams

Open meeting with Denis Poltavets, Director of program development at aspen Institute Kyiv, and Elena Podoprigora, project Manager at Impact Hub Odesa. This event is valuable for leaders of public organizations, media and community leaders who are aiming their activities at positive changes in the development of the Dnipro.


Corner and showroom Ga. Eva Ukrainian brand-residence of the team, fashion shows, photoshoots of new collections, press conferences.

Be in UA. General partner of 12 fashion designers' fair. An annual contract has been signed to support the project at exceptional prices, and to sponsor the administrative expenses of the team Will be in UA in 2019.

The design code of the Dnipro. Residence of the design.Dnipro team, a press conference "How the Dnipro font was created, the author's story", a large workshop "How to use the Design code # 1250".

40. ACCELERATORS. 2018-2020

Dnipro Idea Garage #1, #2, #3

#3: Pre Acceleration program MHP accelerator 2.0 from Tech Radar, Agrohub and Mironovsky Bread Product. Namely, a week-long lecture intensive on the development of technological business for the agro-industry, theory and practice from Ukrainian and international experts, workshops, lectures and mentoring tips for the powerful growth of a business idea.

80 participants worked on 12 cases in the following areas:

Food: technologies and sales.

Energy efficiency, green energy, waste management.

Trading platform.

Fourteen teams participated in the final.

Seedstars World Competition

As a next step of the 6th edition of the Seedstars World Tour, the team settles in Dnipro to select the best startup in the country!

The ten best startups from Dnipro will be invited to pitch in front of an investment panel and compete to be crowned the most promising seed-stage startup of #SSWDnipro18.

Science & Entrepreneurship Technology Professionals #1, #2

CRDF Global and the Happy Farm business accelerator invite technology entrepreneurs to participate in the STEP — "Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Professionals" training and competition.

STEP's work is aimed at helping new companies improve their business strategy, as well as establishing cooperation between startup entrepreneurs, local and international investors. STEP Ukraine has carried out thanks to grants from the US State Department.

CRDF Global is an independent non-profit organization established in 1995 that promotes international scientific and technical cooperation through grants, technical resources, training, and service functions. CRDF Global is headquartered in Arlington County (USA, Virginia) and operates branches in Eurasia and MENA. The geography of CRDF programs includes more than 30 countries in Eurasia, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.2020-2022. UNIVERSAL OPEN UNIVERSITYWe are working on a special acceleration program for Creative & Cultural Industries.

We are creating an ecosystem for UA and UK partnerships, where R&D centres are in Ukraine, and the marketing centre is in Great Britain.

Acceleration of small and medium-sized businesses during 6-9 months.

Lectorium, prototyping, mentoring, tracking, demo days, crash testing.

Online + Dnipro (IHub) and Kiev (fablab Kiev).

The emphasis on the transformation from business model to business model sustainability, including the assessment of social impact and ecology.

At the entrance: locally operating businesses.

Output: businesses are operating in international partnerships.


Dnipro PM & BA Conference — a large-scale conference in 2 streams.


* Bogdan Misura - program Manager in Adobe;

* Anton Babenko — Lead of Business Analysts at Yalantis;

• Sergey Zhuravel-Business Analyst at SoftServe;

• Anna Lavrova — Project Manager at IPS-Ingredis;

* Dmitry Kresin — Co-Founder at Ardas Group;

* Veronica Tamayo Flores — Head of Consulting at Data Science UA;

* Konstantin Koptelov-PM Coach, founder of Sverh;

• Yuriy Lozinsky — Delivery Manager in SoftServe;

* Sergey Nemchinsky-CEO at FoxmindEd;

• Vitalii Stadnyk, PhD, Chief Business Analyst, Global Implementation Manager at ISD

The curators of the threads:

PM — Alexander Cherkas, PM at SoftServe;

BA — Alexander Gvozdev, BA in the Ardas Group.

In addition to the reports, there are a lot of activities, gifts from the organizers and partners of the conference, networking and after-parties! More details on the site:

Largest JS conference of 2018: JSDevTalk #2!

JS DevTalk was held in the format of a one-day conference with a stream of 6 reports.

Reports about Angular, Node.js, React, TypeScript and much more, no less relevant!

  • Nikita Galkin-System Architect, Independent Contractor

  • Oleg Rovensky - JS developer,

  • Taras Pasyuk - Software Developer,

  • Mikhail Borzenko - JS developer,

  • Vladimir Taran - JS Developer,

  • Sergei Sineok - Cloud Architect,

Dev-Pro has organized 28 public meetups on JavaScript, .NET, Java, Python, and QA over the past seven years, each of which brought together between 100 and 300 professionals, and has co-organized all of the KharkivJS conferences since 2012.

Partners: Dnipro PM&BA Conference, SoftServe, Computer School Hillel, DataArt, JS Fest

Wix QA Hackathon 2018, 2019

It's the hackathon for everyone who loves testing and quality.

Excited about testing and quality? Want to show off your testing skills and learn something new from professionals in your field?

Get ready for 24 hours of (almost) non-interrupted testing and partying. Join us in bringing brilliant, QA oriented minds together!

We're hosting a dedicated QA event with a focus on manual testing for the product that will be revealed later on.

Take your friends or colleagues, create a team, and prove yourself to be the best – awesome prizes wait for their owners.

Lambdaclub #1-#11.Canon Ukraine Fotomaraphon Dnipro 2019.


3PM Uncon ##1,2,3,4

3PM is an unconference (participants centred event), so it is not about speakers or organizers but rather about your issues and experience.

What happens:

- People working with people on cases

- Content generated by participants

- English language only

What does NOT happen:

- planned topics

- long presentations or lectures

- complaints about useless speeches

Canada Camp in Dnipro ##1,2

Postgraduate education in Toronto and current requirements for Ukrainian applicants. Seminar from Humber College.

We believe in the associations effectiveness and synergy that gives special value to ideas and projects.

We know that Ukrainian players are part of worldwide creative economy. It remains to address issues with trust in each other, build cross-sectoral partnership, strengthen education, and improve the level of visual and business communication. We can only do this if we join forces.

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