Talk abstracts of conversation with Yuri Filyuk and Demyan Om
Demyan Om and Yuriy Filyuk talked about whether it is still possible to change Ukrainian realities, and who should take responsibility for well-being — a representative of society or the authorities.

In the history of urbanism and the well-being of the city, there is such a term as the "Bilbao effect". It is based on the story of the appearance of the Guggenheim Museum, which led to an economic boom and the flourishing of a gray, inconspicuous port city. When you think about the Bilbao effect, the name of Ivano-Frankivsk entrepreneur and impact investor Yuri Filyuk immediately comes to mind.

In 2014, the rumor was not the hyped Lviv or the "Harry Potter" Chernivtsi, but Ivano-Frankivsk. Yuri's role in this is not secondary. For example, together with proactive like-minded people, he founded the project "Teple Misto", attracted 100 entrepreneurs to invest in the first Ukrainian public restaurant "Urban Space 100". The institution transfers the lion's share of profits to creative public programs. The city has been developing and thriving for six years.

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There is a hypothesis that business people and people of art have lost a common language. Why is that? One of the reasons is changes in the education system. For example, philosophy has left business schools.

It would seem that why this discipline is needed if it is better to spend time studying project management. Everything is so. Only philosophy is too important a component of human development. Because it is she who is responsible for improving the ability to THINK. And this is one of the most necessary for interaction with the current world of soft skill. After all, it is very difficult to build a successful business, closing in on yourself and resenting the whole world.
The main tool of an entrepreneur is the brain

Demyan Om
Our fairly young society is in a phase of active development. Ukrainians have survived the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, and now they continue to search for their identity. It is logical that trends that have already shown their effectiveness abroad are just beginning to come to us. Philosophy, among other things. The more complex the tasks— the greater the demand for thinking processes. As a rule, entrepreneurs are encouraged by the need to create something new. This is what moves the planet forward. We can assume that philosophy in Ukraine goes from soft skill to soft power.
About the friendship of art and business

Businesses are usually expected to transfer funds to an account, and that's all. Let's imagine a situation when a businessman who even attends the Philharmonic and the theater sits down at the same table with an artist. No one knows if they will have common topics for conversation.

And this person may have just transferred several thousand euros for the restoration of the city theater. That is, the actor seems to be grateful to the businessman, however, as people, they are very far from each other.

There is one positive "but". At the junction of historical events, something new is often born. A kind of cultural revival is taking place in Ukraine now. The result is products that can be a solution to global challenges for the whole planet.

Let's return to the importance of friendship between business and art, which should go hand in hand. Entrepreneurship is the fuel and energy that helps create new things. And this is exactly what art is often inspired by.
Art is not limited by time or resources — it either exists or it does not exist

Yuri Filyuk
About the Ivano-Frankivsk effect

Frankovsk is a traditional city. It is difficult for the new to take root in it. When several abstract murals appeared there, people did not understand this. There were even official requests with demands to paint them over.

Subsequently, a rather interesting case happened. Opposite the city and regional administration there is a house with a mural. Residents are satisfied with this, because they also insulated the wall with the picture. At some point, activists from the "Warm Mist"* suggested that residents choose blinds to match the color of the painting. Is free. As a result, the city received 16 multi-colored windows to match the image on the wall. People celebrated the completion of the art installation. The tension eased. They didn't want to paint over the murals anymore.

Ukrainian society lives in a state of bias towards innovations, because the initiative, as a rule, is punishable. That is why the task of any project or good deed is first of all to build trust between people. This approach contributes to the development of society.*The Warm City [ua — Teple Misto] platform unites people and businesses who support ideas and actions for the sustainable development of Ivano-Frankivsk, the comfortable transformation of urban space into a warm, comfortable and aesthetic environment, the creation of conditions for the disclosure of the intellectual and creative potential of the city, the exchange of ideas and economic growth.
Children today are part of working groups, engaged in strategies, and not just studying in schools created by adults

Demyan Om
Using the example of Frankivsk, one can see how effective in practice the combination of business and contemporary art and education. Sustainable economy, urbanism, sports, eco- and energy efficiency, mobility, and new media are the components of creativity, without which society cannot develop.
About the impact

The Renaissance period in Europe is somewhat reminiscent of modern Ukraine. Then wealthy people also sat down at the negotiating table with philosophers and writers, and decided how to promote a certain product to the masses. Only instead of Instagram at that time there was an original painting.

Ukraine has everything for revival. Even the instruments of influence are enough. But what we need now is a focus on elementary things!

Common round tables are needed, where artists and businessmen will meet in the working group. The beginning of interaction can serve as a serious conversation, as well as provocation, absurdity, humor.

It is important for Ukrainians to train to think critically, revive mutual trust and start using intellectual humor. The one that signals about the level of development of thinking of an individual and society as a whole.

The advantage of intellectual humor is that you can really have fun within narrow contexts, without fighting with the broad masses, for whom they are not always close. That is, practicing smart humor and subtle irony, it is not necessary to swear or try to enlighten less sophisticated people. On the contrary, it is possible and necessary to have a dialogue with them.

It is not for nothing that the idea that the best lever of influence on the government is social capital, the capital of trust, is growing in popularity.

There are two positions: proactive and reactive. Reactive — we sit and think about what politicians should do for us, how someone should change our lives. A popular position, no doubt. A proactive position, on the contrary, can be expressed as follows: "I influence what happens to me."

Today the world is so diverse that it is necessary to come up with something new and unique in order not to get lost in the overall sound.

At the same time, it is the interaction: the world creates me, and I create the world, that makes this sound perfect.

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