Talk abstracts of conversation with Vladimir Stavnyuk and Demyan Om
We are not used to identifying the state with emotions, morality, spirituality. In our understanding, this is a car driven by sporting interest and firmness of character. But it seems that other times have come. Even government officials talk about the need to improve the moral component of society. More and more people are convinced that a strong and stable sense of identity, the development of culture is what makes a country successful, rich, and developed.

The head of the Board of the State Innovative Financial and Credit Institution State Finance Institution For Innovations, Vladimir Stavnyuk, expressed a number of quite interesting thoughts about this. His organization, among other things, is working to create an innovative and prosperous Ukraine.

Within the framework of the Philosophical Garden project, Demyan Om and Vladimir Stavnyuk discussed the current development of the country and allowed themselves to dream about creating an ideal society. More is in the theses, as well as in the podcast.
The State and its clients

Who is the client of the state? Definitely, it will be about a person. Business and culture, education and science, large-scale production and even politics - everything starts with homo sapiens.

Ukraine is no exception. We live in a unique, promising, powerful country. In order for the prospects to turn into a real success, the state must become a high-quality service for its residents. That is, an institution that provides services and solves the problems of citizens.

Imagine that the country is one big building where thousands or even millions of citizens live. Now imagine that in the middle of this building there is a large computer that can do almost anything: issue receipts, accept payments, call a doctor, provide protection, legal support, find entertainment locations. You just need to press the button — and voila. This machine is the state.

Of course, to prevent individual parts of the computer from rusting, it requires a lot of investment and work. And, of course, trust.

The main beneficiary of the state should be a simple person. In order for everyone to realize himself in his native country, and not look for the best places on Earth, efforts, time and investment are needed.

Ukrainian geniuses today are used to realizing their ideas and makings abroad. We are seeing a kind of brain drain, in other words, brain drain.

Therefore, the state, as a VIP service for its citizens, should create a system that will help generate new ideas for business and the development of the country.
Be proud of yourself

There is one sad practice: citizens of Ukraine often hesitate to voice their nationality. Even the smartest of us. Those who have achieved success abroad.

Ukrainians do not seek to associate with Ukraine and its citizens because of a number of negative associations that pop up along with the name of our country. If you had once asked an ordinary foreigner: "What do you know about Ukraine?", the answer would most likely have been something about Chernobyl, the Soviet Union, Russia and, possibly, about Ukrainian girls.

Stereotypes play a cruel joke with Ukrainians outside the country. Faced with established ideas about us, many are afraid to engage in battle with them, and in general, they do not want to have anything to do with it all. Therefore, outside of Ukraine, you are unlikely to hear: "I am Ukrainian!", or: "I am Ukrainian!". Political stories also do not contribute to the creation of a positive image of the country.

In order for Ukraine to become successful, and every citizen to be proud of his nationality, success stories are needed. Not posters of politicians should hang on the streets, but stories about specific Ukrainians who have done something useful for the country and the world as a whole.

You walk down the street like this, then — op! — a photo of Vasily, who became famous thanks to the developed application, and then — a photo of Maria, who developed a startup that brought great profit to the state. And that's not all.

Getting acquainted with success stories, people will see that the country is proud of successful citizens. So the success of specific individuals will reach the state level. Let's call it the formation of the country's image thanks to the personality brand.

When something cool begins to be associated with Ukraine instead of stereotypes: inventions, cultural or technological achievements — that's when people will want to feel part of the nation and say with pleasure: "I come from Ukraine!".

However, this is a long and difficult path for the state. Our education is still disconnected from real life. Universities are not keeping up with the changes taking place in the world. Access to a huge amount of information leads to the fact that people are "fooled" to a certain extent. Communication in closed microgroups, which often does not go beyond Facebook, noticeably narrows consciousness.
How to pump yourself?

To go beyond the same Facebook, you need to work on yourself. To improve your knowledge and skills, you need motivation and ambitious goals. The absence of conditional barriers is also useful.

For example, international cooperation works very well for the development of society. The practice of inviting foreign experts to work groups ensures the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and this is a guarantee of innovation. In addition, such cooperation has a positive effect on the skills of the staff.

There is an idea that every nation has the same number of inventors, military, leaders and people who are ready to be consumers. If these groups of people become involved in success stories at the international level, tomorrow they will try to repeat this experience in their own country. This is the only way our domestic geniuses will begin to realize their potential at home, without looking for success abroad.

How else can you pump yourself? Continuously learn and act.

People and the state are very interconnected and dependent on each other categories. It is we who create the state, which then improves or does not improve our well-being. So, every book you read is an investment not only in your own mind and development, but also a contribution to the flourishing of the whole state.

Listen to more about the state as a service and the Ukrainian cultural code in this episode of the Philosophical Garden podcast.
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