Talk abstracts of conversation with Vlad Troitsky and Demyan Om
What is the "Cobra Effect"? It's about an idiom: a person takes the initiative to overcome a problem, but this initiative only aggravates the situation.

The director of the Dakh Theater, one of the influential cultural figures and playwrights of Ukraine, Vlad Troitsky, noted: the problem of our country is that there is no unification within it. Ukrainians need to learn to identify themselves. Attempts by the authorities to unite people lead, on the contrary, to a general separation. Similar to the mentioned effect.

Vlad Troitsky and the author of the Philosophical Garden, Demyan Om, thought about this and not only together.
Powerful information pressure has led to the fact that humanity has almost no time for self-awareness. What can we say about the possibility of seeing another person, his nature, essence?

If you ask a random passerby: "When was the last time you talked to a person live?", he will most likely have to strain hard to remember. Interestingly, we usually know the least about the closest people. Our subconscious is too biased and does not notice the changes that occur in them. It turns out that loved ones - husband, wife, children, parents - are the most cliched, labeled persons for us.

In large companies, people quite often put on mental masks, turning into characters with characters and mores that are not typical for them.

Perhaps art is one of the few spaces where a person wearing a mask does not actually wear it.
The theater is a place where a person can be seen as he is

Vlad Troitsky
To see not a person in the world, but the world, the whole universe in it, you need to relax, achieve an almost meditative state. Unfortunately, due to the rapid flow of information, this is very difficult. It is impossible to achieve such an effect with the help of cinema: instead of a living person, only a picture moves in front of the viewer. Screen representation, alas, is not able to give the viewer a sense of presence.

It is very useful to learn to see people in front of you, without ratings and judgments. To see their nature. This helps in the creative process. It doesn't matter if it's about business or art, when a person creates, he plunges into history. It's always a crazy and magical journey. The experiences from it can be described only in one word — happiness.
Business as creation

How does theater differ from entrepreneurship? In the theater, you can create a new world in one month. It is almost impossible to build a business in the same period of time. Attempts, however, also open up new horizons of possibilities.

In order to feel in your place, it is better to perceive business as creation. After all, the question is not how much a person earns, but how harmoniously he feels in the world.
A long-lived business benefits even after the death of the founder. Like real art

Demyan Om
The world is conditionally divided into two civilizations: consumption and creation.

Consumption has only one criterion for success - cost: how much your business and yourself are worth. In this area, people are faced with the fact that after reaching certain peaks, they become bored. You can visit a hundred restaurants, the best hotels and resorts, buy another expensive car. But this is all a placebo, which will not replace feelings and emotions.

In addition, a person who has everything eventually has another task: to teach his children to appreciate simple things. Moreover, to motivate them to create something on their own. However, in most cases, parental money pushes motivation into the background.

So, children studying at the same school have very different academic performance. Everyone's mind and inclinations are the same, but their values are not. This determines how far a person will go on the path of development.
The function of temples in the country is performed by shopping centers

Vlad Troitsky
The split in society

Ukrainian cities do not cooperate with each other at the cultural level. People from the same field of activity, living in different cities, almost do not overlap. There is practically no communication between settlements. And this is in the twenty-first century!

The very concept of culture in Ukraine is incomprehensible to the majority of the population. To begin with, there is practically no one to tell about the importance of art in the life of the country. In the mind of a Ukrainian who is somehow connected with culture, there is Lviv (because of the "Media Forum" and the jazz festival), Kharkiv and Odessa (because of the film festival) and Kiev (for obvious reasons).
When a person has no motivation to develop, demons settle in him

Vlad Troitsky
Due to the lack of communication channels, there is no public interface or information market in the country, which means there is no consumer who would like to receive this information. During the years of independence of Ukraine, not a single physical space dedicated to the future has been created (maternity hospitals are not considered).

These could be a kind of multidisciplinary cultural centers that gather and train people to create a new unique product.

Only now there is a desire to do something in Ukrainian minds and souls. Whether Ukraine will be able to realize all its artistic ambitions and become the cultural pearl of Europe depends only on you and me.

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