Conversation with Sergey Kutov and Demyan Om
Flying into space today will not surprise anyone. Even a vacation flight, say, to Mars, can theoretically already be implemented. After all, what is needed for this? From the client — money, from the performer — knowledge.

Knowledge is the most valuable capital. The Noosphere, an organization that promotes the accumulation, use and dissemination of knowledge, knows this very well. The Association popularizes science and the scientific type of thinking, united specialists and scientists from different fields. In short, new ways of interaction between education and business are being created here.

Sergey Kutovoy, Director of Innovation at Noosphere, and Demyan Om, author of The Philosophical Garden, talked about intelligence, the process of cognition of life and the world.
Business and technology or business technology?

The company's philosophy should be formed based on the fact that the buyer wants to purchase a service, not just a product. Every self-respecting company should have ethics. It is very desirable to pack it in a common set with the service.

This does not mean that there is no need to develop the character of the company. There is, but this process should be gentle. Do not forget that employees come to the company for a salary, and customers — for a reliable and high-quality product at an affordable price.

Such principles drive business. But in the end, the company that gives the client positive emotions wins. A loyal, developing, long-term employee who shares the interests of the company is the most effective and profitable for business. This position of the employee provides a win-win at the employee-company level.
The capital of any business is not machines, not technologies, but people who create products and services. That is why, by investing in the development of human resources and potential, entrepreneurs foster the culture and philosophy of the company itself.

People are becoming proactive, the work is of higher quality, the number of specialists in the country is growing. The more cool modern specialists there are, the more interesting products we, as a country, can create. And this is a win-win at the national level.
You always need to understand what is the strength of a specialist. It is impossible, for example, to require a scientist to engage in SEO optimization of a website and SMM management issues. The task of the manager is to be able to compromise and rely on the expertise of the employee. Especially if we are talking about the junction of different directions

Sergey Kutovoy
Nothing personal, just business

There are hardly any cases when excessive pressure on people has yielded good results. Such cooperation is like a conclusion from which one wants to escape.

Many managers are familiar with the situation when the most wonderful, interesting and inspiring employee in practice is not the best employee. A reasonable manager will always find out what the strengths of the person working for him are, and, if necessary, will find a compromise.
Business is always about creativity, the search for alternatives. Strong, good and cohesive teams play a crucial role in the entire business process.
And of course, personal contacts are of paramount importance in any business. If you do not establish contact with your partners, suppliers and customers, then you will not build a good business

Sergey Kutovoy
For a word in your pocket

There are many sad stories in which promising technological projects failed due to inability... communicate.

At the stage of the startup presentation, its owner, founder, and ideological inspirer often comes on stage. He is certainly an excellent engineer and specialist. But at a time when you need to talk to the public or investors, these skills may not be enough.

So, due to a lack of communication skills, the product fails. In fact, the ability to clearly present your project is a great art, and public speaking skills are signs of mastery.

Unfortunately, not everyone has these skills. But it's fixable. For example, you can train with the practice of "pitch in the elevator" (elevator pitch). The idea of the method is to convince a potential investor to buy your business before the elevator stops. You can also record your performances on video indefinitely, and then, watching it, draw conclusions and make adjustments.
Cultural code of Ukraine

Ukraine has always had and still has a large number of unique specialists with very progressive approaches to work. If you plunge into history, Ukraine has given the world many great philosophers, inventors, unique people who created not only at home, but also on a worldwide scale.

For example, Igor Sikorsky. He is actively being written about and talked about as an innovator in the helicopter industry. Now the streets are named after him. However, at one time this man was forced to leave the country because of persecution.

This can serve as an example of a country being unfriendly to its brilliant children. Let's recall the same Sergey Korolev, a Zhytomyr specialist in the field of rocket science. If we talk about philosophers, let's turn to the personality of Vladimir Vernadsky, who organized the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.Ukrainians are still constrained in their movements by the Soviet past. Considering that we have been a closed country for a long time, foreigners are still perceived as aliens today. Our man does not always understand how to behave with him.

But if we make allowances for how long certain myths about abroad and its inhabitants have lived in our heads, it becomes easier.

Everything comes with experience. For development, a person needs communication, more opportunities. This strengthens the understanding that people abroad are no different from us.

It's easier for the current generation. Young people travel much more boldly. In addition, many perceive travel not as a victory and achievement, but as a normal phenomenon. There was an awareness that the world is accessible, people are interesting, and communication enriches with new knowledge and experience.
What is happiness

The question of happiness is an eternal question. All people are different, which means that everyone is happy in their own way. Misfortune is a more understandable term.

If you look at it as a state in which you can get stuck, most people will probably agree that it is worth avoiding.

After all, at any moment a person can switch the focus from defeats to victories, from losses to gains, and just rejoice, be grateful to life for the opportunity to breathe and change something every day. Having felt happy at least once, you will always try to maintain this state.

Isn't it happiness to explore and realize your desires, ambitions, set goals, achieve them? These processes are nothing but life, which is, oh, how interesting to study.
The main thing is to remain sincere, and this is possible only when you are able to speak directly and purely

Demyan Om

Listen more about science and business, as well as about a possible flight to Mars in the Philosophical Garden podcast.
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