Talk abstracts of conversation with Oles Manyuk and Demyan Om
There is such a thing as the world of VUCA. This abbreviation in English stands for: "volatility", "uncertainty", "complexity" and "ambiguity", and translates as: "variability", "uncertainty", "complexity" and "ambiguity" of general conditions and situations. For the most part, this term is used to describe the modern rhythm of life.

That is why the current period of time is also called the "world of vuk". This is how it began to form at the end of the last century, and this trend can still be traced. Moreover, the coil of uncertainty is winding the thread of ambiguity faster and faster.

The author of the "Philosophical Garden" Demyan Om and Oles Manyuk, PhD, consultant on advanced research at Jansen Capital Management, spoke about the speed of life, changes and science.
About dancing elephants

In the 70s of the last century, physicist and chemist Ilya Prigozhin, together with his German colleague Herman Haken, created a theory about complex self—organizing systems - synergetics. It was about the fact that the modern chaotic world is becoming less and less controllable, losing stability. In other words, people have hardly mastered skates, and the skating rink, meanwhile, has learned to change the coating itself. Under the mood.

The theory, which originated in the scientific world, gradually spread to the culture and development of society as a whole. Elephants under all three worlds: the social world, the art world and the business world, suddenly began to dance. Creating more and more unexpected twists in historical development.By the way, it was the business that first started putting this surprise effect at the head of the desktop. No less seriously synergetics manifested itself in the relationship between people. Whether it's a small social group or a global community.
About the culture of vulgarity

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many trends of those times continued their quiet movement. Against this background, culture and art focused on individual issues, personal search, and going deep. Increasingly losing sight of more fundamental issues.

This can be traced in each of the currents of art.

We could say that today the culture of vulgarity prevails, both in global and private senses. But let's put it another way: mass culture is still at the stage of development and, accordingly, ennobling.
"Young people, by virtue of their nature, are not yet able to treat the deferred result as a goal"

Demyan Om
The process of evolution, the one that, according to scientists, gave us the thumb, taught us to work, think and develop, is now like a squirrel in the wheel of the human "I want". I want to distract myself, have fun, find a new buzz.

It's not bad. But in this process there is no element of rethinking, moving forward, development and formation of basic human values.

But it is the ability to rethink, draw conclusions and change our lives that lifts us above the animal kingdom, opening the way to the world of intelligent people. Actually, we are now talking about exactly the phenomenon that sets the vector of development of culture as a whole.
About pop science and philosophy

What exactly is happening in our country, Ukraine? Let's take a look at our own elephants.

The popularity of pop science has brought a fashion for memes, which have saved more than one advertising campaign. The same "British scientists" who have proved something have recently been ready to dilute any Ukrainian discussion and prove almost anything again.
"To be able to wait means to act without hope for a quick result, relying only on a long-term perspective"

Oles Manyuk
At the same time, little attention is paid to the philosophy of the academic degree. This remark is true both about Ukraine and about the whole world.

Humanity has always been able to adapt to changes of varying intensity. This is an adaptation process. We, like every nation, are also forming a core that preserves stability and sets the tone for society as a whole. We can assume that this core also includes the qualitative philosophical community that is being formed in Kyiv.

Now one interesting phenomenon is being revived. Regular meetings of people who raise and discuss complex issues from month to month, without expecting to find simple answers, have resumed. Sometimes not expecting to find answers at all, but simply immersing yourself in the process. This is quite a positive phenomenon. The fashion for thinking out loud, and even together with other people.
"Thinking always helps where there is a lack of knowledge"

Oles Manyuk
They are not exactly philosophizing yet, rather they are just learning to do it. But the mere existence of such meetings indicates that the ice has broken.

It does not matter that solutions to many issues have not yet been found. The main thing is that some islands are being formed, which can later grow into "whole cities of philosophers."

Universities, in turn, are also working on an educational mission. The deans of individual faculties were able to recruit young staff, rewrite programs, convince students to study humanities, and the ministry was able to recognize these sciences at the official level.
That philosophy in business is inevitable

And now the exciting moment. Remove impressionable businessmen and entrepreneurs from the screens.

An entrepreneur (not one who sells alcohol or weapons) sooner or later exhausts methods, and finds himself faced with the need to use completely new ways of thinking. At this time, business coaches and consultants can no longer help. Therefore, you have to go beyond your own capabilities and move into the unknown. The very field in the development of which, apart from philosophy in its global sense, nothing will help.
About the Godfather and virtue

This is especially noticeable if you focus, say, on the ethics of doing business. This is not about business etiquette. Ethics is about virtue, about what comes from within a person, accumulates over time into moral capital, and, as a result, develops into reputation.

We are what we say. The formula from the "Godfather": "nothing personal — just business" — will not work here.
"The mind of non-virtue is a limited mind"

Oles Manyuk
The lack of ethics and virtue leads to the fact that people begin to be treated as raw materials. Let it be high-quality, but a tool. This is especially noticeable when it comes to talented people whose potential is easily converted into monetary units.

A business based on such principles will not last long. It is reputation that will ultimately play a decisive role. And it is basically impossible to create a good reputation without virtue.

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