Talk abstracts of conversation with Mikhail Ryabokon and Demyan Om
Looking at the sky, we see a small part of the universe.

The space industry is based on two contradictory phenomena. On romance and science. Designing a rocket for a flight to Mars, an engineer does not just design a car, he embodies the dream of conquering space into reality.

Director of Innovation at Noosphere, a person actively engaged in and influencing the development of rocket modeling sports in Ukraine, Mikhail Ryabokon and author of the Philosophical Garden, President of Cultural Hub Demyan Om talked about Ukrainian engineering, the search for truth, human tasks. In a word, they touched the high ones, like the sky, into which humanity, together with its satellites, launches its dreams.
The most important task of a person is to be useful. Not only for himself, but also for society. There are people who sacrifice themselves in the name of humanity. And we are not talking about those brave souls who, standing in front of you in line, buy the last eclair, taking the carbohydrate hit on themselves.

We are talking about people who assess the situation sensibly, but still sacrifice themselves in the name of an idea. Without expectations to get something in return. They do it just because... they do. Often without even thinking about the details.

For example, creative people who, when creating a book or a picture, do not ask the question at all: "Why?"
"An interesting observation: until a person is burned, he will continue to believe in the one truth and absolute rightness. No arguments in this case will convince him that something may not be happening in the world the way he thinks. Perhaps pride and other vices drown out the desire to learn and change something"

Demyan Om
We have to learn throughout our lives. Draw knowledge not only from literature, but also from the environment. Experience gathers in each of us, like books in an old library. That's what we have to pass on to other people. It is only necessary to make an effort and blow the dust off the shelves.

Since the older generation has a habit of "puffing up their cheeks" and not accepting new information, it remains to teach children. This opinion is often called utopian, but children are immersed in the humanities with great interest. That is, the children themselves could act as state customers of new educational programs.
"Children are very different from adults at least in that they are more sincere and frank"

Demyan Om
About the formation and quantity of hay for cows

The education system in Ukraine has not changed over the past 400 years. I really want the teacher to see in the child a personality with his own character and his own opinion, and not a silent chest for storing arrays of information.

Children no longer need to impose knowledge for a long time. It is much more effective to communicate with them and convey information by discussing the causes of the origin of certain phenomena.

Instead of forcing them to cram, threatening punishment, children can be motivated and taught in the form of a game. In the modern world, where freedom is valued above all, informal education has appeared for a reason, which helps a child to reveal his abilities and find his way.Despite the preserved methods of teaching "spherical Marivanna in a vacuum", basic education in Ukraine is not bad, mathematics is excellent, engineering sciences are also.

There is not enough space in the curriculum for modern technologies that are already used in the world, but have not yet reached Ukraine. Their place is still occupied by tasks about conditional workdays, the amount of hay needed for three cows, and about the time of plowing 2 hectares of the field.
About engineering and its potential

Ukrainian specialists are still deprived of the opportunity to work with software products that create 3D models. This does not mean that engineers do not want to learn. On the contrary, they study the available information, monitor new products. But only a few can try out the techniques. Basically, these are those who went to practice in more developed countries.

Ukrainians have the potential to provide a revolution in engineering. There are many excellent electronics engineers and system technicians in the country. For the birth of a good product, Ukrainian engineering lacks just anything: a more thorough approach and a business component.

Another great quality of the Ukrainian character is openness.
Take for example the American space engineering market. Its basis is Ukrainian teams. In fairness, we note that US space engineering is also very good. But comparing the directions of mathematics and design, we must admit that the Ukrainian specialist applies his skills on a larger scale. Americans have a narrow specialization. A Ukrainian, due to the specifics of education, will try himself in different industries, experiment.

This, again, is about a person's approach to business, about the philosophy of life, which is the basis for any science, including mathematics and physics.
"Being yourself is the most positive trait. Such a person is open not only to people, but also to knowledge. When we share knowledge, we become richer. After all, training is not about loss, but about exchange"

Mikhailo Ryabokon
About philosophy for mathematicians

Even now, in such a progressive and open to new trends time, engineering schools are not ready for compulsory study of philosophy.

Although it is necessary for the realization of virtue and understanding of individual responsibility to, no matter how loud it may sound, the whole of humanity. On the other hand, the statement does not seem so loud if we remember that nuclear installations are also designed and created by engineers.
About competition and dreams that will save the world

An interesting paradox. People who are engaged in natural sciences, humanities, often hate each other. It's all about banal competition: someone was given a bigger laboratory, someone was given a more interesting grant.

In fact, this heat is created artificially and often because of little things. Dissonance is created artificially. And the consequences of internal hostility for scientific activity are often disastrous.

Philosophy is at the heart of any science — mathematics, physics, chemistry. Where a person begins to think, philosophy helps to correctly place the accents of their activities.

In addition, it is useful for everyone to learn to listen to silence. There is no way to do without philosophy.

The excitement around the study and exploration of space encourages people to look at the sky, dream, think, get new knowledge. And knowledge can become a force that will save the Earth.

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