Talk abstracts of conversation with Ilia Kenigshtein and Demyan Om
Competition ensures the progress of the country's economy.

Let's clarify — we are talking about healthy competition. To be competitive in the era of scientific and technological progress, you need to feel and anticipate the trend. You can also set it yourself. And the market, like a surfer, will pick up the wave. Competitiveness is also about innovation.

Now it is not enough to be a manufacturer of high-quality services or goods, you need to be a modern manufacturer.

At the mention of leadership in innovation, an association immediately arises with the founder and CEO of Creative States Ilia Kenigshtein.

In this issue of the Philosophical Garden, Mr. Ilya and Mr. Demyan Om discussed responsibility in business and life in general, creativity and who represents Ukraine in the world — artists or politicized oligarchs.

Have you ever had bursts of enthusiasm under the slogan: "It's time to act!"? A conversation with Mr. Ilya and Mr. Demyan provides exactly this effect.
Monet or Manet?

Ukrainian businessmen and artists speak essentially different languages. Sometimes the question arises: do they communicate at all? Since these communities practically do not overlap, cultural industries that communicate with each other could effectively establish a dialogue with creative entrepreneurs and create a product that is not being created now.

In order for business to exist, art is necessary. Why is this important? Society is not able to consume if it has primitive needs. Relatively speaking, while about half of the population does not brush their teeth in the morning, there is no point in telling these people about Monet [and why Monet and Manet are two different people - approx. ed].

Business and art exist on different platforms, if only because the former does not notice the opportunities that the latter provides.
Who is responsible for happiness?

One of the main places where art interacts with business is cinemas.

This is far from a new idea for Ukrainian society. At a time when the movement of progress is moving at a super-speed, our politicians are the ones who represent the country in the international arena. At the same time, here at home, this sphere is a force that hinders progress.

Over the past few hundred years, politics has not updated its protocols. Ukrainian society still chooses one person to whom all responsibility for everyone's personal happiness is shifted.
Theory and practice

Alas, a huge gap has formed between theory and reality.

In theory, one could try to cultivate everyday culture through the accumulation of knowledge. To show society what this Monet [and Manet too] is so cool about, how he created his works. So that a person, thanks to the knowledge gained and being open-minded, wants to improve his life himself.

In reality, going out on the street, you can cultivate anxiety from walking in the evening streets, get on the head or help someone else get on it. In fact, if a person wants something, he must be able to get it. By any means.

The richest people in Ukraine today are mostly those who once saw a good warm pipe, climbed on it, and now they are sawing off pieces that others are trying to sit on.

That is why there is a stereotype in the perception of the average post-Soviet person that a businessman or a woman are so-so people. Although in fact, these are often people who have decided to take responsibility for making important decisions on a daily basis. After all, business is about the wildest level of responsibility. It is good to deal with them only for those who are ready for such tension.
Plan B

Now we're going to talk about plan B. Now, it shouldn't be there. If you decide to become an entrepreneur and want to achieve good results, you need to forget about backup plans.

There are moments, and there are many of them, when there should not be a backup option, otherwise with it there will be an opportunity to abandon your aspirations and desires and jump off the train long before the goal. If there is a plan B, plan A is actually programmed to lose.
A little bit about defeats

There is an unspoken tradition in Ukraine - to hide your failures. It is considered shameful to tell about how you fell while climbing the career ladder. But in the world of innovation, it's the opposite.

Well, fell, with whom it does not happen. But the man turned out to be strong enough to rise, brave enough to admit defeat, smart and experienced enough to learn a lesson and not repeat the fall.
And finally

It is very important not only to think qualitatively, but also to develop emotional intelligence. Be able to manage your own and others' emotions, capitalizing on them and turning them into a certain action. By the way, this quality has become especially appreciated with the advent of the creative economy, for ten years [twenty — ed. The Creative Economy. BusinessWeek (Special double issue: The 21st century corporation, August 28, 2000. pp. 1-5) ago. And again we return to innovation.

To have a developed emotional intelligence means: to be friends with culture, to learn and develop daily, to take responsibility for mistakes and achievements, to take into account the point of view of others.

After all, it is very important to be generous and honest with yourself. The market will do the rest by itself.

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