Talk abstracts of conversation with Georges Gagnore, Anastasia Ternova and Demyan Om
Art is in some ways equivalent to love. It is able to delight, awaken passion, drag into its pool and lift to heaven, awaken motivation in a person, cause tears of joy and sadness. It can also cause pain. Especially if it affects social problems.

The author of the "Philosophical Garden" Demyan Om, the French director Georges Gagnore and the co—curator of the program "Theatrical Window to Europe" Anastasia Ternova talked about art craft, and more specifically, theater. Within the framework of this project, eminent European directors conducted training, master classes and performances for students of theater universities, conservatories, opera theaters in different cities of Ukraine.

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Theater is still an important element of communication and, at the same time, an instrument of influence. He has an incredible ability to focus on important events and bring them to the stage. This is a place where the actor and the audience ask the right questions and answer them themselves.

The main issue that the theater explores is the fragility of the human being, his place in society. With all due respect to philosophy, the stage remains more practical, and its fruits are applicable to society, because the theater maintains a living connection between the viewer and the actor. He creates a form of intimacy that cannot be created by other methods.

Like various types of art, and life on the planet as a whole, drama is constantly in search and movement. Everyone who is involved in it brings something new.
The pleasure that the viewer receives increases the satisfaction of the director

Georges Gagnoret
Where is society moving to?

Modern man begins to study and marvel at his own plasticity and ability to transform. People of the past did not have this.

We, in turn, gradually realize that the path can be dangerous, but we still take risks and adapt in the process. Modern man accepts the new rules of the game much more easily.

Far from the last role in these processes is played by the stage, remaining humane and returning to very simple questions addressed to society. With this, the theater grounds us, not allowing us to fly beyond the limits of reality.
A little history

Let's go back to the time when humanity invented writing. Then it was a completely new technology. Thanks to writing and printing, sciences began to develop, which gradually brought man to the point where he is now.

Before that, oral speech, drawings, and music were used. But when writing appeared, society was transformed! Now, of course, it seems absolutely natural and normal, but not so long ago people could neither read nor write. Back then, this was the norm.
Or let's talk about the times of the digital revolution closer to us. This happened some 40 years ago. Among other things, humanity has again changed the way of transmitting information and writing, including.

Now, on the contrary, we need to learn how to maintain freedom from technology in order to preserve awareness and a minimum of independence.
Theater remains a very important element of people's communication

Georges Gagnoret
About money

Every country and culture needs financial support. Speaking about the points of contact between art and business, two perspectives can be noted. On the one hand, society is not so divided. Indeed, there are businessmen who are interested in what is happening in culture and support it financially. On the other hand, often a person with money does not deal with art issues at all, and this causes regression in society.

The European theater has a lot of faces, it is diverse. Europe has the opportunity to invest in culture and art. The State Theater is no longer so strongly connected with the institute of patronage, because it receives the support of the government. But private theaters still need to think about creating a popular product and selling it.
Financing the theater by business is too simple a form of their interaction

Demyan Om
The situation in Ukraine is somewhat different. Business people here are a special organism, and people of theater, music and painting are a completely different beast.

In video games and cinema, the connection between the artist creating the work and the businessman investing in it is very close. In turn, filmmakers and IT specialists look at the theater with great tenderness, love and admiration.
The actor is the subject of their work, regardless of whether they are shooting him on camera, or capturing movement in 3D. Perhaps the theater should also look at video games and cinema in a different way, adopt and try to use new tools in its art. Perhaps something interesting will come out of this.
Children are not just the most demanding audience, it seems that they are also excellent philosophers

Demyan Om

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