Talk abstracts of conversation with Dmitry Malenko and Demyan Om
To communicate with mathematicians, engineers and other representatives of the technical environment for the humanities is like getting on the wrong tram. It seems to be a familiar form of transport. Only he rides on water and, in general, for some reason Africa is outside the windows.

Their views on life are completely different from the worldview of people with a humanitarian mindset. On the other hand, the collaboration of people from different spheres makes very interesting circles on the water of communication. Such communication generates a lot of discoveries and fills the ether with unexpected conclusions.

The Philosophical Garden strives to collect, generate and broadcast new opinions, experiences and conclusions. A conversation with IT entrepreneur, founder of Points, Facebook software engineer Dmitry Malenko became a storehouse of discoveries and unexpected questions. Listen to the podcast, and here we will give a few theses from the conversation.
Freedom is effective

If you can influence other people, then only by your own example. There is no need to give instructions on what and how to do. What for? After all, you can share your experience. Nothing will confirm your opinion better than a life story. "I think so because it really works, here, listen to one story..."

Man craves freedom. He wants to do the right thing, but first he must come to an understanding of his "right". If someone really wants a result and is willing to work for him, his achievements are likely to be very impressive.

Accepting the point of view that there are no restrictions either in general or in general, believing that there is an open field of infinite possibilities around us and everyone is free to experiment — we open up a whole world to ourselves. It is in it, perhaps, that more effective rules of behavior in society will be created. Besides, by society itself.

It's about morality and relationships between people.
Is there a place for freedom and creativity in business? Yes.

Perhaps someone will be surprised, but freedom begins at the stage of the conception of an idea. If you think about the future, it is very difficult to create a truly meaningful and effective business or organization without creative freedom.

The task of a competent manager is to think ahead and always remember about the goal to which he (read — the company) wants to come.

First, you should explain to yourself and colleagues why you need to go to this goal, why it is important, and what its value is. After this stage, the team gets the freedom to find the best way to achieve the goal. If it turns out that in the process of work someone, even if not the head, saw another, better goal from all perspectives, the direction of movement can be completely changed. Again, this is possible only with wise management.
It is a mistake to attribute characteristics inherent in one person to an entire group. Because the stereotype is a curve in the form of an inverted bell. Yes, usually most of the group tends to average behavior. But even it is not so much different in different groups

Dmitry Malenko
Time makes money

Of course, in business you can't do it with freedom alone. No one has canceled the pragmatic component yet. If the team finishes the project in three months instead of two, then the employees will most likely not receive a salary for the remaining month. Yes, they understand that delays of this kind can affect all the processes of the company. But the issue of underpayment will still play a role.

To make the brain work faster, you can implement part of the task, go half the way to the intended goal, and already from this place broadcast its value to the outside world. In return, the creators can receive some kind of reward, for example, praise, public interest. With this resource and support, it will be much easier to go the rest of the way.

Well, we can't put on the whole show at once. But we can warm up interest in him by publishing individual scenes in Instagram or Facebook, but we can warm up interest in it by publishing individual scenes. This will attract attention, and we will be able, for example, to sell tickets in advance.
To give up = not to achieve happiness

There are two parallel opinions in the circles of philosophers. The first is that Kant carried the truth to the masses. And the second is that he was carrying it, of course, but did not always inform, because the masses were not ready for it.

There were not many people who understood his ideas. There were thousands of teachers of educational institutions who somehow understood him and could transmit information to their students. But there were also tens of thousands, hundreds and millions of people who simply could not understand these ideas. Do you know a good joke about attention to detail and difference of worldviews? Dad and son are walking along the embankment. Dad, seeing something under his feet: "Son, carefully, a dead seagull!" Son, looking at the sky: "Where?". So it is now.

Why has it recently become popular to work with your consciousness, develop brain activity, study and be socially active? Because at some point humanity realized that it was time to move away from the model: "the whole world is a mess, all people are so-so individuals, and it's better to put out the sun." We literally wanted to get high from what we do, enjoy working in a team, rejoice in achievements.

If a person is engaged in a certain activity and sees that something is missing, he will have two ways: to stop (read - to give up) or to continue acting. A more effective and efficient choice is to keep moving forward. Even if you don't know how to do something, you can either learn it yourself or use the help of others.
Easy is not a value

No one should make it easy for anyone. If a person wants to bring something new into the world, you need to do it, and not wait for the good Godfather to come and decide everything for everyone.

Everyone is able to act where it is easy. There is no value in such an activity. Everyone can cook an egg for themselves, so eggs are not served in restaurants. They serve dishes that are difficult to cook at home. Not only because of the lack of resources, but because you just can't think of some mixes at home.

The same principle works in everything and everywhere, because all people are somewhat similar. It's good that everyone is free to make a choice and independently decide what to do in life.

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