Talk abstracts of conversation with Andrey Palatny and Demyan Om
Theater is a life that will surely capture you in its slightly crazy embrace as soon as you give up and open your heart at least a little.

There are a million legends, stereotypes and ideas about the theater. And yet, there is also a reality, moderately romantic and extravagant, moderately prosaic and practical, which can only be learned from someone who really lives in the theater.

Today, author Demyan Om and Andrey Palatny, GOGOLFEST theater curator, actor of the DAKH Central Music Theater, talked at the Philosophical Garden.

No matter how many ironic wrinkles were born during a friendly conversation, serious topics were raised. We talked, for example, about the life path, about the theater as the driving force of the genesis of man. And also about the interaction of art and business.

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About the life path

The theater often becomes a way of life for daredevils who dared to fall in love with it. This is a place where it is possible to see a person as he is. With all the strengths and weaknesses, character and disposition. In all its glory.

Here questions arise, generating even more questions, and so on ad infinitum.
"A businessman loses the fight to haste everytime."

Demyan Om
The people on stage are the group that all the audience's attention is directed to. The performance always begins with silence. In a sense, it is a stop of routine. It is in the theater that a person can exhale, be alone with himself, stop, think, look into the eyes of another. It's priceless. Especially in the modern world of super speeds.
About stereotypes

Sometimes people think that the theater is a kind of building, more like a museum with marble floors. Inside, beautifully and elaborately dressed people drink cognac and watch fairy tales.

When the viewer is immersed in a real theater, a completely new world suddenly opens up in front of him, which exists next to him, in the same country, in his city! He just hadn't noticed it all before.

Realizing this, you begin to look at reality in a different way, you get the opportunity to look at yourself from the outside. New, really important things are opening up. Questions arise: What am I doing? What for? For whom?
"A person's task is to find time, walk to the theater, open the door and go in. The theater will do all the rest. You just need to give yourself up and be open to everything new as a child"

Demyan Om
The theater awakens an inner child in a person, which is so often forgotten.

On the other hand, theater often helps to relax the brain and see new solutions that are not noticeable within the limits of habitual thinking. This is a very important opportunity for business.

Since the stage is still more connected with creativity, the performance better conveys the realities of the modern world. Observing this, a businessman may wonder: is he doing what society really needs?
About the synthesis of business- and artistic thinking

There is a system of counterweights: an entrepreneur is able to do what a theater-goer cannot, and vice versa. It is always important to remember this. The goal of the business is profit, and the goal of the theater is to create new values. Therefore, the union of business and theater can manifest itself in the formation of a renewed personality that recognizes the power of commerce and accepts the flexibility of creativity.
"Society needs mythology. Because a myth is a form of self-identification and self-preservation. Thanks to the myth, genesis takes place"

Andrey Palatny
Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are also kind of artists. But their products have also brought billions of dollars in revenue to companies.

What such people have created and are creating is a brilliant interaction of entrepreneurship and inspiration. Obviously, one does not exist without the other. The energy of movement not only accelerates the processes of monetization, but also spiritualizes an ordinary smartphone.

When we talk about a difficult-to-formulate category of contemporary art, we mean the inner youth of a person. It is creativity that determines how open a person is to everything new, and, accordingly, how long he can remain young at heart.
Ukraine and the cultural field of Western civilization

There is a bridge connecting the external with the internal: how a country can present itself in the international arena, with how it interacts with its citizens.

Today Ukrainians are at a conditional intersection. The more important it is to find answers to the questions: in which country do we want to live? What conditions can we create for our children?

Perhaps the state is still constrained by a complex historical context. We still tend to look back and drag a whole managerial bureaucracy on us.

Because of this, we sometimes lose sight of those who are able to create really important and breakthrough things for the whole society today. Here and now.

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