Talk abstract of the dialogue with Andrey Melnik and Demyan Om
A person's life is a long way with many turns and intersections, ascents and descents. Overcoming it, we set goals that help us move into a more mature state. Agree, the prospect of living your whole life on the same level of awareness is not very pleasing.

Especially contributes to the development of such a tool as thinking. With its help, a person learns his inner world. Next — the external world. In particular, interaction in society. In the process of such knowledge, a personality is gradually formed and revealed.

This and not only in today's "Philosophical Garden" was discussed by its author Demyan Om and Andrey Melnik, entrepreneur and founder of COWO.GURU.
About efficiency

If a person longs to move from infantile to mindfulness, sooner or later he comes to philosophy. From this time, the search for answers to the question "Why?" begins. This further stimulates the development of thinking skills.

Let's talk about achieving the financial goal, forming a successful team, and fully conquering new markets. That is, the receipt of the classical CRI.

However, KPI is not the main indicator in business. It's usually about money, discipline and order. Money for entrepreneurship is like air for a person. He won't survive without air, but he definitely doesn't live for the sake of breathing.
A business is born out of a certain idea. Perhaps it all starts with the goal of making a profit in monetary terms. But then, when an entrepreneur reaches a sufficient level of development, the question arises: "Why does this business exist?".

When a person starts a business at the age of twenty, it most likely happens for the sake of the financial component and personal ambitions. At a more mature age, there is a reassessment of values and he begins to reinvent his business.
In addition to the practice of philosophy, Ukrainians should also be offered the practice of humor.

Demyan Om
Business efficiency is revealed over a long distance

Every case has a philosophical component. It can be an idea, a purpose, a core of values.

If the conversation turns to building goals for the long term, we come to the topic of purpose. The formula for success in this case will look somewhere like this: understanding the goals and vectors of business movement + discipline + KPI.

There are enough ideas in Ukraine, but there is little diligence. Due to the lack of a culture of relationships, many entrepreneurial plans collapse at the stage of execution. It's worth working on first of all.

Diligence is about maturity, and irresponsibility is about being infantile. This is where the practices of philosophy come to the rescue.
Given that entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult professions in the world, it requires a huge amount of skills, precision and human resources. Therefore, it is impossible to do without deeply developed thinking. Start by practicing the question mark.

Demyan Om
Engage, not sell

Selling is an aggressive form of communication. In the process of involvement, the choice is made freely.

By discussing and analyzing, a person actually rethinks himself, actively participating in the search for a formula for personal happiness. Using philosophy in practice, he begins to act. This is where the transformation takes place. This is maturity!

A world that aspires to democracy has no other choice but to practice philosophy. Because he is already on the rails of maturity and responsibility. In such a society, a person must think, understand what is happening around him, and act. Otherwise, he is on his way to pseudo-freedom.
Happiness is a way of growing up and developing

Andrey Melnik
In an authoritarian world, where there is either a "tsar-father", or an emperor, or someone like that, there is no need to raise the question: "Why?". In such a world, society does not make decisions. People, of course, can be happy in such conditions. But this is not accurate.

In general, philosophy does not promise happiness to a person. The practice of conscious thinking and development can even delay this state. In return, it will show exactly where to look for the meaning of life.

It's like going out into the open ocean on a yacht. You can face a huge number of difficulties, but still reach the desired shore, or you can get scared, give up and drown. Living by the value of the task and realizing that it is still possible to swim to the goal, a person will be inspired. If he admits the thought that it is not worth trying, because death is imminent— then he will suffer on a yacht in a storm and in a calm state.

It is by understanding oneself, one's desires, and distributing goals that a person not only finds the answer to the question: "What is happiness?". He is actually approaching a state of contentment, balance and calmness.

More meanings and open questions to the reader about philosophy and culture — in the hour-long podcast.
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