Talks abstracts of conversation with Andrey Melnik and Demyan Om
In business, there is such a thing as "chaika-management". If you analyze the behavior of this bird, you can notice the following: a seagull arrives, hysterics, shits and flies away.

A manager who approaches his work carrying, first of all, his ego, does about the same thing. No one is happy about this — neither the manager himself nor his colleagues.

To reduce the risk of such chaika managers, people began to do business... on knowledge. More precisely, on the opportunity to transfer knowledge to others, engage in education, develop science and culture. By and large, everyone benefits from this, because the public good is both mine and yours, and that guy over there.

The development of thinking as a basic skill that is necessary for a harmonious and fulfilling life, for example, is engaged in COWOGURU school.

The founder of the school and entrepreneur Andrey Melnik together with the author of the "Philosophical Garden" Demyan Om talked about doing business in Ukrainian realities, about responsibility, personal development and interaction with the outside world.
The Power of thinking

The hour has struck and modern people have begun to understand that in addition to pressing problems and general material well-being, there are also spiritual searches: sources of inspiration, meaning, something real.

We are not talking about the fact that philosophy will be introduced in all business schools tomorrow without fail. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to implement. The reality is that philosophy has become a form of leisure.

Today it is popular to comprehend deep knowledge, to study psychology. New trends affect the conduct of business and are promoted to the masses.

It's time to ask yourself the question, why do some people manage to do certain things better and more successfully than others? These differences are especially noticeable in the business environment.

Books, training and cases that can push you to success are available to everyone equally. However, not everyone uses this resource for good.
It is noteworthy that when traveling outside of Ukraine, we observe well-groomed and picturesque cities.

When you do business, you notice for yourself that this order did not arise by itself. It is preserved thanks to a certain thinking of the townspeople. Because the way of thinking primarily affects the result and shapes the environment around us.

Effective, productive, consistent, grounded thinking generates one, creative reality. Accordingly, scattered, fragmentary and irrational thinking leads to destruction, that is, forms the opposite reality.
Today, a turning point is coming in the lives of many people. The meanings that worked earlier stop producing results. And people are faced with the need to look for new ones

Andrey Melnik
The meaning of business

Often, when a person starts his first business, he strives to make a profit. However, later, when a certain amount of money is earned, needs and ambitions are satisfied, the entrepreneur begins to be interested in higher meanings. Then the real growth begins.

So there are people who have found new senses and understand that the main meaning of life is to educate themselves as a person, and work is the background, not the main task.
If a person comes into business for the sake of money, this is, of course, good. But the worthwhile goals are different. Any entrepreneurship is a form of cognition of the world in certain manifestations and structures. Someone learns life with the help of economic systems, someone — with the help of philosophy, someone else — through politics. The main thing is to figure it out and find your own.
Money for a businessman is like air for a person. We are not saying that a person lives for the sake of breathing. But without the ability to breathe, no one will survive. So it is with business. It is strange to say that business exists for the sake of money. But even without them, it is, nevertheless, impossible

Andrey Melnik
The role of marketing

The most difficult thing in life is to say "no" to those things that do not respond in the heart. Without this skill, all decisions for you will be made by external factors — in particular, advertising.

It qualitatively justifies and imposes a large number of non-creative and, in general, useless things.

For example, new "shot glasses" pay off in three to four months. It seems to an entrepreneur that this is a good business, because you can quickly "recapture" a lot of money.

But what kind of business is it really? A place where people come to have a drink or two. There is no question of any deep meanings here.
Marketing is to collect thoughts that are born during the implementation of a project, discuss ideas with like-minded people and figure out how to change thinking for the better

Andrey Melnik
In the world of technology and increased speeds, aggressive advertising works especially well, which imposes unnecessary services and goods.

At the same time, there is also softer marketing on the market, which makes it possible to feel the atmosphere, explore ways of thinking, and unobtrusively present the product. This is what TED, for example, does — an educational, not an advertising campaign.
The uniqueness of the skill

At what stage does a specialist become a master? To begin with, a real master does not advertise himself, the fruits of his labors speak about him.
People of this scale transmit knowledge as if launching a bowling ball. It rolls at a certain speed, increasing strength and power. And then he knocks down all the pins with his energy on the spot. This is how knowledge reaches its goal. However, the teacher does not just hit others with a charge, he reveals and transmits his skills.

It is very expensive because it has a high level. So far, there are few teachers and mentors in our culture with a capital letter.
The main criterion of mastery is the created product, which is enjoyed by a large number of people. It can be a music track, a book, a scientific work, a journalistic text, and so on. A master is a creative person who has the embodied result of his work. The more such results, the more likely it is that this master will come for expertise

Demyan Om
Freedom of trust

In order to increase the level of freedom, it is necessary to increase the level of responsibility.

Trust is very difficult in Ukrainian business. Often people use this privilege without being responsible for their words and actions. In the Soviet Union, there was a practice — punishment for non-fulfillment of this word. The photo of the "liar" was hung on the "board of shame", and society quite actively censured the fellow for this or that offense.

These are different times. We consider ourselves free people. Because freedom is a feature of European and world culture. Again, the level of freedom directly depends on the level of personal responsibility.

For example, a person comes to a new job, he is assigned a task and for the first time the quality of performance is monitored. If a person is responsible and performs everything at the level, he will very soon cease to be controlled. This is where freedom begins and there is a space for the implementation of high-quality ideas. In this way, responsibility breeds trust, and trust creates even greater freedom.

The circle, in a good way, has closed.

If there is no freedom, the potential and creative thinking is very difficult to realize. The result is that responsibility is a necessary element of self-realization.

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