Talk abstracts of conversation with Anastasia Bilous and Demyan Om
Why food companies need to understand cultural codes, how this understanding is built at the stage of doing business, what we lack and what Ukrainians are "culturally strong" in.

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There is always a place for culture in business

The importance and necessity of culture for business is especially evident during international cooperation. And what can we say about cooperation between representatives of American, European, Asian and Australian companies, even if all people are different within Ukraine.

Each nation, country has formed a certain concept about this or that thing. In a word — the mentality. Strange as it may sound, but the cultural factor needs to be studied, first of all, during the construction of work and entering the international market.

To successfully conduct projects in other countries, it is not enough to know the basics of project management on the international market. It is necessary to deeply understand the culture of people, their history, values, the books they read, the films they watch. It is important to study how the learning process is built in schools and universities, and how the interaction between colleagues takes place.

At first glance, this does not concern business in any way. However, the better people understand each other's culture, the better communication and mutual understanding in the team becomes. Accordingly, the work becomes more efficient. After all, when everyone stays within their own closed world, communication and mutual understanding do not improve.
A team is a complex system

A smart leader and manager is always working to create a favorable atmosphere in the team, trying to plant a seed of motivation. Companies whose work does not depend on the physical presence of employees can allow them to travel, work remotely, and benefit from this.

The ability to move and feel freedom awakens interest in everything new. This gives an influx of knowledge and stimulates development. Again, staff development is the success of the company itself.

They say that Ukrainians make a fairly high-quality product from a technical point of view. This is our strong point. However, there are difficulties with building a service and developing a product. Knowledge alone is not enough here.
One of the components of the cultural code of Ukraine is that people do not know how to study.

Demyan Om
It's all about the cultural code

Historically, Ukrainians have been waiting for a miracle almost all the time. Which will happen by itself. The Soviet past has erased the initiative, the desire for leadership. Accustomed to iron frames and constant control. Those times left us with the expectation that someone else should take responsibility.

Dissatisfied facial expression and expectation of a wizard who will change everything for the better are distinctive features of Ukrainians. This behavior is especially noticeable at airports when people return home after traveling. It also underlies the reluctance to dig deeper, to look for new ways of development.

Our annoying distinguishing feature is the discontent written on our face. And also an unconscious hope for a wizard who will solve everything. This is especially noticeable at airports. The faces of compatriots contrast.The peculiar cultural code of Ukraine explains the prosperity of outsourcing companies. Despite the rather large economic benefit, this indicates that Ukrainians do not use their resources.
Most Ukrainians are waiting for a magic manager to come, who will sort everything out and tell them what to do.

Anastasia Bilous
Business needs to be developed

It is important to motivate people and arouse their interest. And also do not forget about the balance between the carrot and the carrot. In the creative industries, a "whip" is practiced, reducing negative and pessimistic employees. Because it is possible to change anger to mercy in a person only when he himself wants it. Otherwise, the motivation of such a person is a waste of their own resources and time.

The task of any manager and manager is to try to inspire his team, to gather people on the same wave. There are all prerequisites for this. Business is actively developing in Ukraine now, retail, restaurateuring, production, choreography are growing. This is the "carrot" that people want to get.

They also get access to a variety of conferences, specialized schools. There are collaborations with other countries. This pushes Ukrainians to move, to learn, to develop.

It is never too late and never too early to be interested in new processes taking place in society, in the world. If you type "sayings about studying" into the search, the system will provide you with more than 4 million results. Perhaps one of them hides your motivation to learn. And, accordingly, to improve the quality of life.

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